Saturday, January 23, 2010

Building The Internet ...

According to someone from the 49th state, the internet is a series of tubes. So today we built one of those tubular internetithingies.

We had Jeff, our plumber and HVAC meister, over today to start installing the AC ducts for the beer hall. The tubes had been sitting around for about half a year, largely because we wanted to paint them in a stealthy black, but we didn't find anybody to actually do it until recently (thank you again, Mark).

The tubes start at the air handler (which is situated above the bathrooms) ...

... and split into two tubes, one for the east side of the beer hall ...

... and one for the west side (if you can't see the tube, that's a good thing).



lindaingeborg said...

This is so exciting!!! The tubes look great and that is one sexy ice maker. We have to encourage even when it's not something as visible as the floor or the plaster on the walls! Way to go!

James went up without me this weekend, now I forget why... hm... Michael is just finishing up the floor and James says it looks great. Michael has also told us that the floor in the pastry shop would look great refinished and we think we have enough for the dining room, so we'll keep him employed for a while longer.

We have been looking for an excuse to go to Browns!!! That sounds like an awesome good time!

See you guys soon!

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