Sunday, January 31, 2010

Arc De Triomphe ...

With a successful day of plastering behind us, we opted for some lighter fare today. E! was doing research, while I busied myself with little tasks, like hanging radiators (not yet hooked up though), installing window trim in the bar, and starting to drywall the main entrance. It has a curved top, which we decided to keep.

Drywalling an arch is not difficult. You cut a strip of drywall, score it in the back, and screw it on. In the picture you can also see the lights I hooked up in the front entrance.



lindaingeborg said...

Yes the bennies came out good. What a ridiculous thing to be so excited about an egg not dissolving in water but it's a big victory when it happens. And hopefully it will happen a lot in the future so don't be shy - come on by!

Things are looking so great over there and I'm giving myself a long weekend next weekend and bringing a friend so maybe we will come by and see the progress in person!

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