Wednesday, January 20, 2010

60 Days And Counting ...

As a faithful follower, although I am not always as faithful at blogging (yes, I missed a post yesterday), you know about our impending deadline to finish construction.

For those of you, who just tuned in, let me recap. We applied for our liquor license soon after we took possession of Gunk Haus. After a mere 13 months (in words: thirteen, dreizehn, treize, trece - does anyone speak Martian, I want to make sure those green-faced dudes from the next planet over understand what I am talking about) we received our liquor license (how can anyone start a business that even partially depends on the ability to serve or sell beer, wine, or liquor, if you have to wait that long to get permission to do so).

Anyhow, we got approved last year, March 21st. From that day on the clock is ticking. The liquor authority requires you to be open within a year. That would be this coming March 21st, or 60 days from today.

Do I need to tell you that the stakes are high (there is really no way we can or will open without a liquor license), and similarly the tensions are high.

Anyhow, Jack is coming over tomorrow, and you know what that means: Plastering!!!