Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Savage Salvage ...

I finished cutting and placing all the wood around the chimney in the bar this morning, which turned out quite nice. I still have to nail it down, though.

I meant to work on a similarly easy floor project for the rest of the day, but I had a brief intervention with myself, where I had to admit that the only reason why I was picking the easy floor projects was, that I wanted to avoid the more difficult ones.

This intervention was successful, and so I drudged up to the third floor, armed with pry-bar and nail puller. Here is the scene of the crime. The glass jars are E!'s beer vinegar, souring away.

I harvested three rows of flooring for now, which took three or so hours (houses aren't built to be easily deconstructed, especially not, if you're interested in preserving the building materials).

This is where the wood will be used.

Off with the damaged flooring material ...

... and on with the good stuff.


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