Thursday, December 3, 2009

Planning Ahead ...

It was definitely a slow day. I woke up too early (a little after 5am), and felt tired all day. What a great opportunity for some light work.

The bar is the main point of entry to Gunk Haus, and hence the home to the hostess. As we are not completely sure on which side of the main entrance the hostess stand will be, I installed phone and data lines on either side.

As for the bar, you never know which side you want a point-of-sale system installed, so two more phone and data lines, one on either side of the bar.

What we do know is where a wait staff stand will be, and it also needs a phone and data line.

None of this sounds really exciting, or is even picture worthy, but now that we start closing the walls, we need to think ahead, and install whatever is needed (and hope we were smart enough to figure out our needs for the next five years).

While I was pulling wires out of my wire box, E! was running around (driving is more accurate) to pick up supplies, like more drywall, and wood to cover the steel beam we had installed last spring.


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