Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Insomniac ...

I may have mentioned before that sleepless nights have become quite common for me. Lying awake for two or three hours several nights a week is not unusual. Normally I entertain myself playing backgammon or sudoku, but a recent anonymous commenter (hi Amy) suggested I do what The Bloggess did on one of her recent posts (parental guidance, I would give The Bloggess blog an R rating).

So here you have it: Der Königsjodler by Fredl Fesl



Anonymous said...

One word - AWESWOME!!!

J Bird said...

I have the

Gia said...

as sweet as the sound of the morning dove. ;-)

Jerry Starpoli said...

better you should drink a bottle of scotch first!

John said...

I thought you guys said the shrieking in the orchard was a fox!?

LOL funny! I particularly appreciated the yodeling

Was great seeing you guys!


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