Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fishing Operation ...

Home renovation, as much as home construction, is a massive logistical operation. If you don't think ahead, way ahead, you end up having to do more work, or redo work you did already.

So far we did a pretty good job at thinking ahead, for the most part, but sometimes we miss a thing or two. Nothing that can't be fixed, until you have all the walls closed off. As we are about close all the walls in the bar, it was time to think what was still missing.

Turned out, we forgot to run two additional wires to the kitchen. These wires run through the ceiling of the wait station, which is rather crowded. As you know, we already closed off the walls (and ceiling) in the wait station, so the only way to get a wire to the kitchen is by employing smart rats, who pull the wires through. Alternately, you push a fishing line through the little cavity (as shown in below picture, where all the wires disappear), and pull the wire through (if you do own a smart rat, who can perform such tasks, I really want to talk to you).

And while I was running wires, I also installed a wire for the second floor bathroom. We're not going to use the wire until a year or two from now, but when we do I'll be happy I already have it there.

Different topic. I got a new toy today. We would have gotten it eventually anyway, but I finally pulled the trigger. I love it, it makes doing dishes so much easier.



J Bird said...

I think when you said "doing the dishes" you meant to say "washing the dog".

Just sayin'...

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