Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Straw Fever ...

Now that the septic field is all covered with dirt again, it was time to seed some grass, hopefully it starts growing before it starts to get really cold.

At long last we're done refurbishing windows, after installing the last two this morning. Can I have a big round of applause for E!, who has been slaving over the windows (and doors).

We had the new water softener installed today, which we had to get because the water in our new well is harder than in our old well (we need to have soft water for the UV system, the shiny tube in the picture, which allows us to not having to chlorinate the water), which we had to abandon ... oh boy, I'm starting to rant again about what we had to do, because the department of health deemed our perfectly fine septic system as inadequate, and forced us to get a new one. Anyhow, we now have a water softener.

Nick, our super duper pooper scooper septic system excavooter, was busy. I had him dig a hole in front of our propane tank for a steel barrier, which we have to have by code. For now we just buried these paper tubes, until I have time to pour the concrete, and set the steel posts.

But for most part, Nick and his son hauled the excess dirt from burying the rubble across the street to behind the house to built a little patio, now that is exciting!