Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plaster Fantaster ...

I am happy to report that today was a huge success. We managed to finish two walls in the Stube (our private dining room). E! was mixing the plaster (which is hard work even with a power drill, because the mixing paddle has a large shaft, and you're on the losing end of the force equation), while I was slapping it on the walls.

This system worked really well, and it allowed me to focus on the actual plastering. It was far more relaxing and successful than my first foray into plastering.

Tomorrow is the big day, we are plastering the ceiling. It is easy in the sense that there are no obstructions (working around the windows is always a challenge), but it is a large surface, and it is overhead work. Fortunately I have Jack help me with the plastering, while E! will try to keep up with mixing the plaster.

Completely independent of our work we had the handicap parking spots lined out today.


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