Monday, November 9, 2009

Bumper Car ...

What a gorgeous day today, temperatures in the 60s, time to loose your sweater and run around in T-shirt, and to pour some concrete, say 1300 pounds (excluding water). Yes, as I announced yesterday (did I?), I mixed up a lot of concrete, seven 80 pound bags each to sink the steel columns into the ground, and one 80 pound bag each to fill the steel columns with concrete.

This may sound excessive, and it actually is, because the code only asks to sink the columns three feet into the ground (I did four) and be surrounded by fifteen inch in diameter of concrete (I did sixteen, because the Sonotube only comes in that size), but if you didn't know yet: I have the tendency to over-engineer.

As I had the concrete mixer out already, I fixed the step to the main entrance as well.

E! was very busy sanding and priming the boards for the Stube baseboards.


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