Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pooper Scooper ...

You know how I always call Nick our super duper pooper scooper septic system excavooter. Truth be told, he actually isn't a pooper scooper, that is a job he contracts out. We had our old septic tank pumped today, so that it can be removed to make space for the bigger and larger septic system.

Now that the two tanks are installed, the work on the leach field can begin. For this, Nick hauled in a lot of rock, a mountain of rock.

We, meanwhile, installed the molding on the front entrance, and E! was really, really busy finishing painting the front of the house. We want to have the front of the house look really nice by Saturday, because that's when the Clintondale School reunion is. I am sure I have mentioned before that across the street from Gunk Haus, where we have our parking lot, and the garden (oh, the garden), there used to be the Clintondale school.



HiHo said...

wow, all that painting since I saw it at 11 this morning, impressive!
put a link up to the Gunk Haus blog, on my Hi Ho Home Market facebook page, become a fan...Heidi

J Bird said...

If you wind up with any extra dirt or rock, I know the perfect place to get rid of it... ;-)

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