Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh Boy, No Low Boy ...

We meant to go on another road trip today, but we didn't. Actually we did, but in the opposite direction, and not as far.

But let's start from the beginning. E! came across an internet restaurant auction, which featured a piece of equipment she had been lusting for, called a low boy, a counter high refrigerator with a worktop. This particular one was eight feet long, and would have fit perfectly in our kitchen.

Unfortunately, the low boy was located in Cincinnati, OH, which is almost eleven hours away. Undeterred we put all the ducks in a row, reserving a trailer, borrowing our neighbors' car (which has a hitch), making arrangements for visiting family along the way, and most importantly, stock up on junk food for the road.

Last night then we sat at the computer, and punched in our bids, up to our walk-away price, and we were outbid.

So, we made a few quick calls to call it all off, and got up as usual this morning. We didn't get much work done, as we spent half the day getting material, and as it was a dreary day anyway (it rained, a lot), we decided to go grocery shopping.

Tomorrow we should get our drywall in, which I ordered for the Stube (our private dining room), so soon you'll see some major changes.