Monday, October 26, 2009

Foresight ...

I was working in the basement today preparing for the water softener we have to install, because the water in our new well is harder than in our old well, which we had to abandon, because it didn't meet the 100 foot separation requirement to the new leech field we had to install as part of our new septic system (totally oversized, not to mention that the dude at the health department wanted us to get a permission from the county to bore under the county road in case we would have to use what you know as our garden as the backup reserve, in case the current leech field fails, which may happen in 50 years, but I don't think the county would issue a permit that is good for 50 years), for which we had to demolish the cottage next to Gunk Haus, which robbed us of our sole income.

But I digress. I was in the basement to install a drain pipe for the water softener, which meant I was installing the drain pipe for the water softener, the bar sink, the tap system, and the ice maker as well.

You already sense where this is going. Although I only need the drain for the water softener right now, because the other things aren't being installed until a little later in the year (or beginning next year), I had to think ahead what else ties into the drain pipe, and where.

That alone wasn't enough, because I realized that unless I want redo some work in the (possibly near) future, I also should think about how the basement will be laid out in the long term.

I thought I had a good idea, cut the pipes and put them together, look at it and realized that it's a bunch of bull crap. Granted, that is exaggerated, but I wasn't pleased (did I mention before that I am a perfectionist?).

I guess what threw me off was that I realized that when I had Jeff do the water distribution system, I should have moved it to a different location in the basement. To my defense, we didn't know back then that we had to get a new well, which would feed the water from the opposite end of the building.

So I started anew, but it was towards the end of the day, and I decided to sleep on it, and see how it looks like tomorrow (I am hoping for the little elves to sneak in over night and finish the job).


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