Thursday, October 8, 2009

Falling Into Place ...

E! was very busy wrapping up the dish station and kitchen, and today was the big day: The range came off the dolly! Huh what?! We had the range on a dolly ever since we got it, because it weighs several hundred pounds and is therefore a pain in the butt to move around. Today it was put into its final resting place (it might still move a few ticks this way or the other, but it is put for now).

I was poised to finish the parking lot lighting, but it didn't happen. Mike, our electrician, had always complitched about cheap light fixtures, and now I know why: they're pain in the butt to install.

So instead of a shot of the light fixture, you get a picture of the view the light fixture will have once its installed.



lindaingeborg said...

Wow! Kitchen looks great! This calls for schnapps indeed. Skål!

Gunk Haus said...

We have Kirschwasser, various beer schnapps, and maybe one or two other fruit schnapps.

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