Tuesday, October 6, 2009

E! Sparkles ...

After having resurfaced the dish station floor, it was time to seal it, which E! did according to health department recommendation: Use concrete paint, and throw sparkles onto it. The sparkles don't actually sparkle and shine, but that's not important. The reason we were told to put them on is so that we'd know when the floor needs repainting (because the sparkles rub off with the paint).

Myself I engaged in a favorite pastime of mine: Digging a trench. This one's a shallow one, but it is the longest so far, somewhere between 120 to 150 feet. We are installing lighting on one of our trees to illuminate the parking lot, and the wire needs to be buried at least four inches deep (I am shooting for six inches, I tend to over engineer). I was briefly considering stringing the wire on poles, but that wouldn't be visually appealing, plus it would be more expensive (the poles, pressure treated 4x4, aren't cheap), and digging the holes for the poles wouldn't reduce the workload.


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