Friday, October 2, 2009

Bunker Buster ...

Now that we are all tied into the new septic tank, the old one was ready to go. Not that it was much to talk of in the first place, come on, look at the size of it!!! Our bath tub is bigger than that!!!

Nick, our super duper pooper scooper septic system excavooter, had no problems pulling it up.

I am happy to report that Mike, our favorite electrician, stopped by to help us get ready for our final electrical inspection on Monday. As always, Mike, thank you, we love you, but you knew that.



lindaingeborg said...

This is so exciting! Dueling Clintondale blogs! I love it. And good thing I had already plugged you on mine. I can see that we have much catching up to do reading yours. It'll be lots of fun. And again, please stop by anytime if you want to get away from your construction. Come watch somebody else work.

Linda and James over in Big Pink

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