Sunday, September 6, 2009

Volunteering At Gunk Haus ...

So we were having dinner with family this evening (thank you Amy and Ted for feeding us, again), and of course we always talk about Gunk Haus, and the topic of volunteering at Gunk Haus came up.

In the last few days we had received several offers of help, although this isn't the first time, which is how the Family Farm Day came to be (in case you wonder how our garden is doing, I can assure you, the weeds are doing just fine).

Nevertheless, this got us thinking about the idea of volunteer work at Gunk Haus. As enticing as it sounds, it is, however, a double-sided sword. Simply having someone else do our work, while we supervise it, doesn't help.

Therefore, we should either pick work that doesn't require much supervision, or get volunteers who have the skills required for a certain task. Unfortunately, there isn't much work around here that doesn't require at least a little bit of skill (even painting requires a certain finesse).

E! suggested that we advertise on the blog our weekend activities, like hanging drywall or installing wood flooring, where one or more people would work alongside us, thereby shortening the time it takes to accomplish the task. I like this idea.

In the end it all comes down to managing expectations: what is the task, what does it entail, what skill does it require, what are our visions and expectations.



J Bird said...

Hell yeah. Tell us what you've got planned and we'll show up and help! (Just not on harvest days.) Also, why not include some weekday work, for those of us who have unusual schedules?

Gunk Haus said...

Who is not working on a weekday?! I really need to bring over the screen printing equipment, you seem underutilized ... ;-)

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