Saturday, September 5, 2009

No Steam ...

As much as we got done yesterday, as little seemed to come to fruition today. It took me three hours to hang a single light fixture. Aside from the usual housekeeping stuff (identifying where the wires actually go, and such) I suddenly was missing a few parts, and was scavenging for replacements. So my tally for today: three light fixtures hung (granted, they were all more than ten feet in the air and required a lot of moving of the ladder), and a few little things I can't remember anymore (most likely something very important).

E! didn't fare any better. She got up late, by our standards, and (now this is really shocking) needed another coffee, at 2pm!!! But she did get some work done, including painting the window sashes for the window to the left of the main entrance.

We had visitors again today (that isn't unusual of course, because we have a lot of people stop by all the time). Today's visitors were Agnes and Dan of The Village Tearoom. E! had worked there for close to a year before we bought Gunk Haus, so it was nice to show them around our own place.