Sunday, September 20, 2009

Face Off ...

What I should have done yesterday is take the existing top trim of the front entrance off, before I started on the door frame. But I was so eager to get going on it that I lost all foresight and good sense. Oh well, nothing better than redoing work twice or trice or fourice (if that's a word, if not I take credit for creating it).

Today I rectified my mistake by taking the old trim off ...

... putting plywood up, and wrapping the whole thing like a Christmas present.

If things pan out as I envision them (which they never seem to because otherwise we would have already won the lottery jackpot, moved to Paris, and eat baguette and drink wine all day long), then I will install the new windows on the front entrance, tidy it all up, and install trim. Now keep in mind, tomorrow our beloved super duper pooper scooper septic system excavooter (the current record of saying this really fast goes to Amy, I want to say it was roughly 1.5 seconds) Nick will be back, and there will be some serious digging this week. Word is that our septic tanks are ready, so brace yourselves for some concrete action this week.

On a different note, we went over to Little Dog Orchard this afternoon to claim our apple tree, and let me tell you, these apples are yummmmmmy!!! Naturally grown, now pesticides, no chemicals, yum, yum!!!


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