Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crown Jewel ...

E! doesn't get enough mentioning on this blog, so I start with her today. She has been scraping and painting, doors, windows, and trim. Here is the newly restored window next to the main entrance (if you don't remember how it looked like originally, here is a picture of it):

Speaking of main entrance, it is the one piece that still sticks out on the building, unfortunately not in a nice way:

Today I started the restoration. I always dreaded it, because I knew it would require extensive reconstruction, as can be seen in this picture (the wood at the bottom is all rotten due to exposure to water for too long, and possibly wood eating critters):

Off with the old, and in with the new (the wood at the bottom is now pressure treated, so the water and critters don't nibble away at it):



J Bird said...

Scraping paint is something that volunteers can do, no?

Leslie said...



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