Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Copycat ...

So we were listening to Marketplace on NPR this evening to a report about a restaurant in LA named Wurstküche, and it was like listening to the business plan for Gunk Haus. Urgh, how dare they, copycats!!! This is serious competition, after all, LA is only a five hour flight away ... ;-)

We wish them well, though they shouldn't start crying when we start stealing their customers. Actually, they seem to do very well already, the annual sales number they mentioned left us teary eyed.

Let's dig in, and open up, we'll show 'em.

Work was a little slow today, I needed to make up my mind about how to rebuild the front of the main entrance. I am always slow at decision making, thinking through all possible alternatives, weighing pros and cons, and generally getting lost in the problem. The fact that I had only slept four hours last night didn't make things easier.

Aside from that my boiler meister Matt came by today to do some maintenance on our ancient, but perfectly well running, boiler, which should save us a few bucks on heating. For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, know that I think very highly of Matt (see this post). If any of you are in need of a boiler man, I can get you in touch.