Thursday, September 3, 2009

Censaurus ...

Day two of our final push to completion. Don't worry, I will not count it down for you ... or will I ... ;-)

More work, gee, what a surprise. E! was caulking, caulking, painting, and ... a little destruction ...

What did I say yesterday? Real action!!! So here you have it:

Exciting isn't it?! Ok, I could show you more exciting pictures, but they may not be PG-13 anymore. I got two three foot slabs done, and would have gotten a third one done, if we hadn't received a visit by our favorite censor Ernie.

As I mentioned before (I am too tired right now to look for that post to link to it), E! and I participate in SIPP, the Survey Of Income And Program Participation by the US Census Bureau, and our Field Rep is Ernie. Ernie comes by (or calls) every three to four months, and questions us on our income, possessions, and such. Ernie knows most likely more about our current financial state than our bank. The biggest problem with the census (and that is definitely not Ernie's fault) is that it takes a long time for the interviews (two hours today). The questions sometimes feel convoluted, geared towards specific answers, or simply don't seem to expect participants like us.

Before I let you go on with your day, I'd like to thank Evelyn, Gia, and Leslie (and of course Brett) for offering to help us on our quest to fix up Gunk Haus. We're on our final push, and we may call on you.