Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boarding House ...

Houses with boarded up doors and windows are never a pretty sight, and they tend to create a negative vibe for an entire neighborhood. Therefore I hereby apologize to all our neighbors for doing just that, board up the front entrance.

I removed the front door today so I could install the new door frame. This is an ambitious project, as is ties in with doing the entire front of the main entrance. I should have left it 'til tomorrow, as we are cutting today short, because E!'s Dad is in town, and we're having dinner together.

Well, I was stupid enough to start it anyway, and things just went wrong left and right. First I cut a piece of door trim too short, then after having both pieces of door trim installed I realized that they weren't wide enough, and after I installed wider ones it occurred to me that I may have to take these off again as well, because the front of the main entrance is not level, and the trim above the door will be at an angle, which I didn't account for on the side trim.

I am a little annoyed at myself. Fortunately I know that E!'s sister will have margaritas waiting for us.