Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tuesday At Gunk Haus ...

I know you're not going to like it, but today was pretty much like yesterday: Paint, wire, paint, wire, work as usual, as yesterday.

We did, however, decide on a contractor for the septic system, coincidentally the lowest bid (don't think for a second, that we would always go for the lowest bid, it just happened to be so). He will be by tomorrow to talk shop (and I'm certain, money, too).

And before I forget it, the insurance company called today and asked whom to make the check out to (in case you don't remember, we had a little incident with our retaining wall). That's nice, though I still need to fix the wall.



Gia said...

Should we organize a "NO TRUCKS / right turn" sign painting party? ;-)

Thanks for allowing me and my Mother to monopolize your time for a little bit last Friday.

J Bird said...

Hooray for "who do we make the check out to"! At last, income!