Saturday, August 15, 2009

Touch And Go ...

We live in apple country. We are surrounded by apple trees, and the farmers who tend to them. Two larger farms are just a down the road from us. All year long there is a steady stream of trucks going there, picking up apples from the cold storage. Unfortunately some of them rely too much on their GPS systems, which sends them past Gunk Haus, and forces them into a 110 degrees tight turn.

This turn was not made for 18 wheelers. Yet, some drivers don't seem to accept that and make the turn anyway. That was the situation this morning (before breakfast and coffee, mind), and here is what happened as a result:

The rear of the trailer had hit and broken the retaining wall to our biergarten. What happened next was rather stunning, the driver backed up and took off, while we were clearly taking pictures, and observing the situation.

Knowing where the truck would go, I decided (after a while) to drive after the truck, and talk to the driver. Unfortunately I didn't find the truck anymore, and returned home, where, surprise, the truck was parked outside. He had taken a different turn, which took him back to Gunk Haus, and the driver was already talking to E!. We got the license and insurance information, and will file a claim next week.

Having digested the incident, only two hours later we were stunned to watch another truck making the turn, this time in the opposite direction, which is somewhat easier, but still requires plowing through the grassy patch on the parking lot side of our property. Some days life can be a five letter word.

On to the important things, the door frame between the wait station and the beer hall is in ...

... and the dish station is all painted. At long last we hooked up the sink in the dish station again. You have no idea how much I enjoyed doing dishes this afternoon.



Gia said...

I was wondering what had happened to the wall as I drove by last night. Oh BOY!!

Perhaps the town could put up signs "no trailers over X feet long"??

J Bird said...

Not a bad idea, Gia! I'd be happy to sign any letter asking the Town of Lloyd to redirect any truck traffic not directly related to farms on Hurds Road.

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