Monday, August 24, 2009

Respect ...

The blog has been quiet for the last two days, and I feel bad about that. I really try to update it every day, but sometimes it doesn't work out, be it because nothing worth telling happened (I don't want to bore you), or simply that I am too tired and just want to curl up and sleep.

I was busy the last two days doing electrical work for the final electrical inspection, which I told you about. It isn't difficult work, twisting wires together, installing switches and outlets, but it requires concentration and care. Electricity is one of the things you really want to have respect for, water is another (and often underestimated is fast rotating machinery), each can mess up your life in an instant. I want to get this work done before the end of the week, because Mike, our trusty electrician, will be back Thursday or Friday.

E! was busy with painting and touch-up painting, doors, windows, and trim. I know this sounds boring, but it needs to be done.

We had another contractor over today to look at the septic plans and the site. He was recommended to us from two sides, and after the surprising spread in the last three bids we were open to admit another bid. Hopefully we'll get his bid within the next two days.

There was more news today, but I want to hold off until tomorrow, because we requested a clarification, which I feel we should have before I stir the pot.


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