Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quelle Surprise ...

In case you didn't read the blog for the last two or so days, it says that we are painting and doing electrical work. Guess what we did today, painting and electrical work.

We did meet with the contractor, whom we selected to do the septic work, to talk specifics. We talked about our concerns, where we see problems, how and in what order to do things (we still need to use the bathroom, while they pull the potty out from underneath us, so to speak), it was very productive. In addition, our contractor met with our trusty engineer to stop by the manufacturer of our new septic tank and pump chamber.

I am not sure whether I ever told you about the design of our septic system, it is BIG. One thousand feet of laterals (for those of you in the unknown, that's pipes with holes through which the liquid slowly dissipates into the soil), a 4500 gallon septic tank (you can drown a Sherman Tank in there), and a 4000 gallon pump chamber (you can drown a German tank in there). You don't buy these tanks at your local hardware store, they are being built to order, delivered in sections, and assembled on site.