Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marching Orders ...

The day started with a low point, very low in fact. Our favorite excavator dropped off his bid for the septic system. When I saw the number on the paper, I felt like calling on my friends Jack and Jim. The spread between the three bids we had received was tremendous, which made us wonder whether the lowest bid was just low to get the foot in the door.

The day brightened up with a call from Mike, our favorite electrician, announcing he would be by in 45 minutes. He stayed until after 8pm, punching down the panel. He also had some bad news: The company, which was doing the electrical inspection of Mike's handy work is going belly-up, and so we have to prepare for a final inspection, if we don't want to hire another company, and of course pay more money. We don't! Therefore we'll have some work cut out for tomorrow.

Mike gave us a recommendation for another septic guy. We called him right away, and he may be by tomorrow.



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