Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie And Julia ...

It is our anniversary today, so we cut the day short, and only installed the remaining cabinets in the wait station.

In the afternoon we went to see Julie And Julia. We loved it. Half the movie is about Julia Child, the other about Julie Powell, who attempts to cook all recipes in Julia Child's book on French cooking within one year and write about it in a blog.

Some scenes reminded me of my own struggles of what and how much to write, especially about personal things. I decided early on that this blog will be more matter of fact than an excursion into the depths of my psyche, because it is supposed to chronicle our renovation efforts of Gunk Haus, although I occasionally vent and rant, which is good, after all we are human, and this project has its effects on E! and me.

I try to keep the blog somewhat humorous and entertaining, but may not always succeed at that, or I'm simply too tired to come up with something clever. I hope you, my dear readers, enjoy reading it regardless.