Friday, August 14, 2009

Detailing ...

The devil is in the detail. We love detail. So I spent maybe three hours today harvesting, cleaning, and reinstalling door hardware for one of the bathrooms. One of the nice things about Gunk Haus is that it is chock-full of old doors, door handles, and door hardware, but judge for yourself:

I am not a painter, which is why E! does most of the painting around the house. But E! is busy with the dish station right now (which should be fully painted by tomorrow), and I was eager to install the door frame between the wait station and the beer hall today.

So I started the day with painting the door frame in the very traditional yellow (gold, mustard, whichever you want to call it) we had chosen for trim, doors and windows. After lunch I slapped on a second coat, and it looked good, and after an hour it had mostly dried already. That's when E! looked at it and noticed that it was rather flat, when it should be semi-gloss. Well, I had accidentally grabbed the exterior paint, which is the same color. So tomorrow I'll have to put on a coat of the semi-gloss paint, before I can install it.


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