Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trial And Error ...

We went to the annual library book sale yesterday and bought - to quote our neighbor Julie - stacks and stacks of books that we've no free time to read. There we met - for the first time, and at long last - our neighbors Gia and Rick, both faithful followers of this blog (it was great meeting you guys, please stop by sometime and we'll give you the grand tour).

We still haven't found a suitable light fixture for outside the main entrance and the biergarten entrance. So I test-hung one we had bought for around back (for whenever we will build that deck or patio), largely to get a visual (which is always easier than to play things out in your mind).

We didn't like how the light fixture appeared above the door, but we also recognized what was missing and how our dream light fixture should look like. As it was early afternoon and neither of us wanted to start anything new (E! had just finished installing corner beads in the wait station in preparation for taping and spackling the drywall) we went on a shopping trip. Unfortunately we still didn't find a light fixture we liked, but E! had a great idea on how to build it from an ornamental pot hanging bracket. Stay tuned, it will all be revealed in time.



Rick Ness said...

Hey guys! Just catching up on your blog and saw the mention of us there! It was great finally meeting you as well. It's so interesting following the trials and tribulations of the renovations! As soon as you have an opening date, let us know and we'll put it on our calendars and invite all the neighbors around us. Take care and good luck! Rick (and Gia) Ness

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