Friday, July 3, 2009

Of Things To Come ...

Two days without a post?! What gives?! I told you we were going to help E!'s sister move. Granted, that was only on Wednesday, but my back was killing me yesterday from moving a few rocks (don't ask). I did however manage to hook up the wiring on the second floor and make it live (now we have a nice ceiling fan in the bedroom, which will be great in the summer).

As the second floor wiring is almost done, and working, I disconnected the old wiring for the second and third floor. I still need to pull it out of the wait station though. And then we can finally wall up the wait station.

Or can we? Well, E! and I were dreaming this week. Once in a while we need to do this to keep the fun in this project. We were dreaming about how to redo the second floor bathroom and split it into two bathrooms. Actually this wasn't such an idle task, as the bathroom is above the wait station, and now that we have a good idea how it will look like I can already rough in some plumbing and wiring before we close off the walls.


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