Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Night And Day ...

Another day at Gunk Haus, and the hard work continues. And to prove it, here are two pictures showing the same two views of the wait station as yesterday. I assume you instantly notice the difference (no, Mark, it's not that the lights are on).

Ok, so you may not notice the difference, but I can assure you E! spent another day hard at work, taping and spackling, and yes, a little cursing and swearing.

If you ever wondered what difference 150 feet can make: Our neighbors Lisa and Larry, who I introduced to you last year, had their well drilled yesterday and today. I am guesstimating that their well is about 150 feet from ours. Here's the naked truth: Our well, bedrock at 20 feet, 140 feet total depth, 10 gallons per minute; their well, bedrock at 200 feet, 400 feet total depth, 5 gallons per minute. I consider ourselves lucky, and if all goes well, we have the same soft water we had with the old well.


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