Monday, July 6, 2009

A Monday At Gunk Haus ...

I haven't been posting many pictures lately, so here something that should scare the living daylight out of your kids. After I had hooked up the wiring on the second floor, I disconnected and removed the original wiring. The picture shows the contents of a splice box I had opened in the wait station, a bunch of old cloth wires twisted together, the stuff house fires are made of (this is why I was so eager to cut the second and third floors over to the new wiring).

Moving on, we had visitors today. First Greg, our excavation meister. He filled in the trench for the well tubing and wiring, and while he was at it, I had him bury some conduit, which we'll use for outdoor wiring, someday.

We also had Lou, our trusty engineer, over. He needed information about our water distribution system, type of UV system, size of pressure tank and hot water tank, and such.

Aside from that we did a little bit of work, preparing the wait station for drywalling, and starting to finish up a few things in the kitchen.


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