Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back At The Mill ...

We came back from our week-long vacation to the Hamptons yesterday, and today it was back to the mill. Nothing had changed at Gunk Haus, no elfes or fairies had been busy picking up the pieces we had left behind (maybe I should start believing in fairies again, and of course Santa, not sure if the Easter Bunny would be helpful, but if he's a hard worker I'm going to put him on my list as well).

E! was busy in the wait station sanding the joint compound. Soon she'll start priming and painting, if not tomorrow then by Tuesday.

As a warmup exercise I engaged in my favorite pastime, digging trenches. I had already dug one out in the Biergarten to divert the gutter runoff onto the street, but it was pointed out to me that this isn't a good idea, because ice could form on the street in the winter (I already knew that because we had this problem last winter).

Originally I wanted to drain the water out on the western side of the Biergarten (don't ask why I didn't stick to my original plan), and today I implemented the original plan.