Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who Are You? ...

Around the beginning of the year E! turned me on to Google Analytics, which is a feature offered by Google that let's you collect information about how many people visit your website, which country they access it from, what they look at, etc.

I thought this would be neat, so I added the appropriate code to the blog, and today I'll share some information with you.

But before I do this, here's a word to all of you who are about to turn off their computers, because they fear they're being watched by Big Brother, some nerdy kid around the corner, or aliens.

Whenever you access the internet, you are giving away (unbeknownst to you) information about yourself. This isn't any different than you swiping your credit card, or all these super saver cards you signed up for at your local supermarket, car rental, airline, you name it. Unlike in these examples, accessing the internet does not give away any personal information, only things like your rough location, the web browser you use, what operating system your computer runs, and so forth.

But I digress, here is what I can tell you about you, my readers:

  1. The Gunk Haus Blog is read on average by about twelve people daily, which means you, oh my thirteen followers, don't read it every day (thirteen followers, because one is a duplicate - Brett, wassup? ;-). As I am reading my blog every day as well (yes, I do, several times a day in fact, because I want to know if someone left comments), that means only eleven other people read my blog every day, on average. Don't worry, that doesn't hurt my feelings, because all of you who read it are the ones I write for it in the first place.
  2. Most of my readers are from the US, which is no surprise. The second bigest group is from Germany, also no surprise, and then there are some strays from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Italy (Italy in seventh position?! Dagmar, you are clearly not reading my blog very often!!! ;-), Columbia, Canada, Chile.
  3. 73.25% of you are returning visitors, which means you are very loyal readers, and I thank you for that.

There was lots of action around Gunk Haus today, largely outdoors, and largely of the gardening, pardon, farming variety. I was going to get more material and equipment out of the cottage, but ended up spending the entire day transplanting strawberries, mulching, and tending the garden, and so did E!.



Anonymous said...

ehj snake,

dein kleiner bruder ist gerade in berlin auf der und macht business ...
Yeah, ich liebe Deinen Blog. Er wird Geschichte machen und Dein Leben unsterblich ;))
Sag mal: Kann Simon im August ein wenig bei Dir aushelfen. Der Teenie brennt darauf nach N.Y. zu kommen.


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