Friday, June 26, 2009

Topless Entrance ...

It always feels great, when contractors show up and work gets done (not that we don't get any work done, but some work we contract out, and sometimes that work needs to get done so that we can do our work).

Today Matthew came by. He is a roofer recommended to us by an architect neighbor. E! always wanted copper on the building, but copper gutters would have been prohibitively expensive, so we didn't get them. Next on the list was the roof above the main entrance, and because Matthew gave us a really good price, we decided to go for it.

As visual refresher, here a picture of the main entrance. The roof was covered with tin or something, and painted many a times with tar or something.

Not anymore. Matthew and Chris ripped it right off, and here they are already installing new trim (remember my post about table saw magic?).

If there hadn't been a downpour in the early afternoon, they might have finished today, but it is starting to look good already.

Mike, our beloved electrician, was also here today, and things are starting to fall into place. Here he is working on the dishwasher.

We fired it up, and the heating element worked great, and then we let the dishwasher run. The motor worked fine, too, until the fuse blew. After many a trial and error we realized that although the dishwasher is a 3-phase, someone (we may actually know who) replaced the original motor with a single phase motor.

Theoretically, and practically, that works, you just need to know this and wire accordingly. Thing is, we want a 3-phase motor, because it uses a lot less energy, and wiring and circuit breaker are cheaper, too. I drove around to various electrical motor places, but they all said, I'd have to go to the manufacturer, because we don't have a standard size motor. Oh, well, always something.



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