Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stripping Down ...

Immediately after we had bought Gunk Haus we started renovating the cottage, rip out the layers and layers and layers and layers of carpet and vinyl flooring (finding a nice wood floor underneath), clean, paint, install new kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity, install new carpeting in the bedroom, the list goes on and on.

So it is unfortunate that we have to tear down the cottage. But before that happens we will salvage as much as possible, keep what we need, and give away what can be reused.

The kitchen cabinets will be used in the wait station, the fridge will also come in handy. We are still contemplating whether we should rip out the wood flooring, it might simply prove to be too much work for what it's worth.

We have already given away the gas stove. Lights, bathroom vanity, ceiling fans, and other items are spoken for. We have no problem giving all these things away, after all, we receive many things for free ourselves, many times through email lists like Freecycle, which exist for the purpose of giving away things one no longer needs.



J Bird said...

You guys rock. It's good to know that those things will find a new home.

Is there some kind of ceremonial type thing that you can do at the end of a vessel's life? Like the opposite of christening a ship? Poor cottage. It was such a good little house. (Although I must admit I'm glad my friends didn't move in!)

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