Friday, June 12, 2009

So Many Ideas ...

As I mentioned before, the main reason why we decided to tear down the cottage now was to make it easier for the brains at the health department, and take away the uncertainty of what could be hidden underneath (no, that shed roof really wasn't covering up an underground cellar, bunker, or intercontinental missile silo) that could impede the construction of a septic system.

Today Lou, our trusty engineer, surveyed the site, and it pleased him, which pleased us.

After he had left, we had a good chat with Greg, our excavation meister, about what to do with all the concrete and stone he had removed from the cottage. I know, I just told you that we had planned to bury it across the street, and build a plateau, but there are other options.

We had always wanted to build a deck for outdoor dining on the north side of the building, accessible from the beer hall. We would have most likely done that a year or two after opening, because it would cost a pretty penny to engineer and build.

However, Greg mentioned today that we could simply use all the concrete and stone from the cottage and fill up the side of the building so that there is a level area next to the beer hall, on which we could build a patio. This would have several advantages. For one thing, it would be a hell lot cheaper, and we wouldn't have to go through much rigmarole with the building department, as a patio is on level ground.

I can assure you, this got our minds spinning, we totally loved the idea. Of course, we still have to run this by Lou to make sure this wouldn't interfere with the septic system.



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