Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Never A Dull Day At Gunk Haus ...

Ok, I admit, there are dull days a Gunk Haus, today wasn't one of them.

This morning we tracked down Mike (our electrician). He was finishing up some work at my sister in-law's place, which is why we knew he was there. He'll be in the area for the next few days, and hopefully will manage to finish up some work at our place.

From there on things went down rather quickly. Just after we had returned, Lou, our trusty engineer, came by to measure the existing septic field, and as usual we chatted. From the conversation it emerged that it would be rather beneficial if the cottage would disappear as soon as possible, so that the brains at the health department wouldn't have to work so hard.

That was the starting gun: Cottage has to go, asap!

As easy as this sounds, it involves quite a bit, for instance getting the power, phone, etc. disconnected and removed. We also have our washer and dryer in the cottage basement, and need to move it, but we don't have any power or water connection in the main house yet, and we need to make space for the washer dryer.

So we ended up cleaning out the basement underneath the beer hall. We also called various companies to have all sorts of wires removed, my trusty boiler man to have the oil tanks removed, and our trusty excavator meister Greg, to talk demolition.

Never a dull moment ...


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