Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Plumbing ...

Don't worry, it's not martini night. It wasn't that kind of plumbing, but it could have been, had I run the 150 feet of water line with copper piping. Nobody does that anymore these days, or do you?! No, PEX is the answer. It's the untrained home renovator's friend.

I had to run two lines of water from the water heater to the dish washer in the dish station. The dish washer is a high heat dish washer, and needs 180°F hot water as input. In order to get the water that hot, we'll crank up the water heater to let's say 140°F and run a circulating hot water line (this guarantees instant hot water, and hence the two lines instead of just one) to the dish washer, where a booster heater will heat up the water to the target temperature.

Because the water heater is now set to a temperature that could lead to scalding were you to open up the hot water at a faucet, we also need to install a mixing valve, which will mix the hot water going to bathrooms with cold water to chill it down to less dangerous temperatures.

But why am I telling you all that, I'm sure you've done this many a times. Oh, you haven't?! Your head is spinning?! Need a martini?


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