Friday, June 19, 2009

Dry Well ...

Sometimes I don't know how to begin my blog entries. Should I tell you the end result of what happened, or bore you with a lengthy explanation of events leading to the end result.

Well, let's try to keep it as short as possible, while still providing some insight of what happened, and what and why we made certain decisions.

You know that we need a new septic system, and that the cottage was in the way of it and hence had to come down. I told you that we were all perky and that we had two holes dug to show what the soil composition is. While digging the two holes the excavator had hit the cottage sewer pipe, which wasn't a big problem, as it wouldn't live more than three weeks at that point.

The two holes were to be examined by our trusty engineer Lou and the person in charge at the department of sanitation, let's call him The Loafer Man. Lou and The Loafer Man were to meet to look at the two holes and discuss what it tells them. But The Loafer Man decided he'd just stop by cold, as he was in the area.

That had dire consequences, as Lou and TLM (The Loafer Man) didn't look at holes together, when they reconvened today to look at the cottage carnage they couldn't agree what the soil composition would be.

The end result is that we had to dig two new holes. So we called Greg, our trusty excavator meister, if he could dig the two holes real quick. No problem, after all he still had his digger at our place.

So Greg dug, and here is what he dug up:

The tube sticking out of the hole is our water line, and the little lines in the hole are the wires for the well pump. You guessed right, we are out of water right now. Thing is, we would have gotten a new well anyway, and we decided to forgo fixing the water line and having the new well drilled as soon as possible, i.e. this coming Monday or Tuesday.

In case you haven't noticed yet, I am having a bad day, a really bad, a beyond martini bad day. Also, if you haven't noticed yet, I have a very low opinion of The Loafer Man.

Here some tidbits about TLM. The first time he showed up, it was the middle of winter, and ten inches of snow on the ground, and TLM running around in his loafers, hence TLM. He complained that he had to change into muddy boots to walk down our lawn (with ten inches of snow) to our septic tank.

As mentioned before, he blew a meeting with our engineer, and complained that he wasn't there when the previous holes were dug. Of course he couldn't stay today, for some bogus reason, to see the new holes being dug.

He condescendingly asked why we hadn't filled in the hole left by the cottage basement, while we all knew, had we done just that, he would have complained loudly that we had done so.

The Loafer Man is the kind of person who enjoys having power, as little as it may be, and play the power card whenever possible. I pity people like him.



Jerry Starpoli said...

The incompetence of the inspector must have to do generally with the Ulster Health Department. The director was fired recently and there were $32,00 in checks found in the Department safe. not deposited. Maybe there was a shoe shine kit there too for the Loafer Man?

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