Monday, June 22, 2009

Drill, Baby, Drill ...

I won't bore you with whatever else went on today (E! was busy sanding the walls in the kitchen, I was just running around trying to make up my mind, going from store to store to find bits and pieces I would need to complete the hot water tank plumbing - I still don't have everything, including my mind made up).

Jim, our trusty well driller meister, showed up this afternoon, along with all the heavy equipment one needs to drill all the way to China.

The drill tower is just as tall as Gunk Haus.

You don't want to mess with these teeth.

At about 25 feet we hit bedrock, which is good, because that's how long the casing will have to be (and the casing you pay by the foot). Jim stayed until almost 8pm hammering the casing into the ground. He'll be back tomorrow, hopefully finding water soon.