Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deep Down ...

Jim, our drill meister, was supposed to be here at 10am this morning, but we received a call that he had to take care of an emergency (it sounded like a situation we had: digger severs water line, but unlike us, the other people wanted their water back on).

It almost looked like Jim wasn't going to show at all today, but he got here a little after 4pm and fired up the drill, and by 8pm he had packed up his rig and moved it across the street. At around 6pm he had hit water, and at 140 feet he stopped. He estimated the flow rate at about ten gallons per minute, which is more than adequate for us (yes, Jerry, we know, you have 100 gallons per minute; maybe you should open a water boarding business ;-).

By tomorrow we should have water flowing through the house again. There is still some plumbing that needs to be completed, but I'll make it, and if I have to work into the night. First and foremost I want to be able to use the bathroom again without concern whether I have enough water to flush. Aside from that it would be nice to be able to take a shower, and clean the dishes again.


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