Monday, June 8, 2009

Anger Management ...

I'm sure you know those days when you just want to take a sledge hammer and bang down some walls. I am also certain that most of you haven't had that experience lately, if at all. Well, here is a little taste of what it looks like:

For those of you, who are really angry, I suggest heavier equipment:

Of course I wasn't angry at all today, in fact, I was in quite a good mood. The reason for my destructiveness was to recover materials from the cottage, which can be recycled (while at the same time bringing in a few bucks). Here's the loot:

I was busy cleaning out the cottage, moving all the appliances (washer, dryer, fridge) into our basement, and then ripping out all the copper (at the present a pound of used copper piping gets you $1.40 per pound, which is nothing compared to last Summer, when you could get $2.50).

As you could see in above picture, Greg, our cottage-destructioneur, dropped off his excavator today. He'll start work tomorrow, but not on the cottage, because he'll cleanup some debris first (which was there already before we bought Gunk Haus), and dig a hole so we can bury the concrete and cinder block from the cottage.



J Bird said...

I really think you guys could sell tickets to Sledge Hammerfest 2009. Plenty of folks out there who'd enjoy bashing a wall to pieces.

Gunk Haus said...

Come on by, last chance to sledge and hammer is tomorrow.

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