Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And ... Action ...

Greg, our excavator meister, started work today. First he cleaned up the old vegetable garden, which we will use for personal and staff parking.

Next he started clearing some debris, which must be from when they tore down the school house that used to be on the parking lot side of our property until sometime in the 50s, if I am not mistaken.

Sometimes I get the feeling that people who drive by think that we must open any day now, from what the place looks like on the outside. Maybe we have spent more time making the outside look good than to work on the inside, I don't know. Regardless, here is an inside picture (E! was busy tearing down the old wall cover in the wait station, which seemed easier than patching it).



J Bird said...

I can hear the demolition from my place and it sounds epic. I might have to drop by for some of that. And yes, people in the community *do* think you're just about to open. When I hear those folks talking, I mention this handy blog...

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