Monday, May 4, 2009

Who's Your Farmer ...

The Hudson Valley is a breeding ground for small farmers. Subsequently you could expect that many restaurants source locally, instead of buying produce which has been shipped halfway across the country.

The problem is, however, that restaurants and farmers are often unaware of each other. We went to an event today, which intends to change this.

Dutchess County Bounty is an organization, which tries to connect farmers and chefs. Today's event was a sort of speed dating, where restaurant chefs would sit at a table, and every few minutes the farmers would change tables. In those few minutes farmers and restaurants would exchange information about needs and offers.

It was a fun event, and we met some very interesting farmers. We took along our neighbor Billiam of Liberty View Farms, who is very involved organizing local farmers, too. While driving to the event we talked a lot about how to better connect farmers and consumers. Billiam has some great ideas, and we hope they work out.

As the event took up all morning, I only managed to get one more wall plastered, but I have to come to love borax as retarder, it works great.



Anonymous said...

Hey! you were one town over from us -- next time stop by and say "hi"!! And did you meet our neighbor who sells lamb (I know you don't want any) and eggs? --Leslie

Anonymous said...

who is your neighbor, maybe we did, there were a lot of locals there

Anonymous said...

Lynn Mordas of Dashing Star Farm

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