Friday, May 8, 2009

Where's The Excitement ...

"Hey Dude, what's up?! Days and days of boring blog posts. You lavish yourself with praise and barely mention E! anymore. What's going on?! I'm starting to fall asleep!"

I hear you. Unfortunately not every day can deliver ground breaking news and excitement that will make you slip off the edge of your seat (don't tell me your life is like that, I'd like to hear about it if it is).

Like many of the last few days, today was filled with nitty gritty stuff (cleaning the little bathroom, because I didn't put a tarp down while plastering), running around (picking up the material for the beer hall floor), ordering things (duct work for the beer hall air condition), and painting (E! is painting doors and window sashes like a mad woman).

None of this is exciting, but it has to be done. Bear with us.


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