Sunday, May 10, 2009

Table Saw Magic ...

We have yet to tackle our front entrance, which can be seen in this previous post. We want to replace the roof with copper, which should happen within the next month or so. Under the roof line is a cove moulding, which isn't in the best shape anymore.

So we set out to find a replacement for it. I took off a piece of the moulding and started touring the building supplier and lumber yard circle in our area. At one place I slap the sample on the counter, the guy behind the counter looks at it and says "Good luck with that".

He did refer us to a place nearby, which specializes in custom moulding production. He warned us that it wouldn't be cheap, and he was right, it was outrageously expensive, considering that we only need sixteen feet.

We should be able to get this moulding cheaper. So I punch "cove moulding" into my trusty search engine, and out comes: Cove moulding on the table saw!.

You know already where this ends. After two hours and a pile of saw dust, I had milled enough moulding for the front entrance for less than $20, as opposed to more than $300 that the custom moulding place would have charged.

Moving on. I finally got around to take a picture of what's to come. Hopefully this week my trusty steel workers will return and remove the big post (as can be seen in the picture below), which will widen the entrance to the beer hall, and thus make it more inviting.