Thursday, May 28, 2009

Plumb And Plumber ...

There is something about plumbing that always puts me on the edge ...

... I guess it's because I want to do things right the first time around. When you open the flood gates, you want to know that the dikes hold. I actually didn't get to open the flood gates today, although I closed them this morning, but halfway through I realized that I was missing something. Plumbing to me is like surgery (not that I have performed any lately, or ever, but I used to watch Grey's Anatomy, if that counts), once you make the incision, you better finish the job before the end of the day. I like to make the incision early in the day, so that I get to go home in time (granted, I work at home, but you know what I mean). This means more plumbing tomorrow.

My honey, meanwhile, was busy in the paint department. Here you can see her sand one of the cove moldings I made the other day:

With sadness we received news this morning that Miss Elliott (whom we bought Gunk Haus from) passed away last night. Although the Hollywood Bar (as Gunk Haus was called before we bought it) had always been her husband Freddie's pet, we would have loved her to see the place live up again, and be a place of gathering, like when Freddie ran it. Rest in peace, Miss Elliott.



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